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Biblical Entrepreneur Story – Alexis Jahncke

Biblical Entrepreneur

In this captivating podcast episode, Chief Servant Officer Patrice Tsague hosts Alexis Jahncke, the dynamic founder of Next Steps, a nonprofit online tutoring and mentoring service catering to high school and college students. As a Biblical Entrepreneur, Alexis, who also recently showcased her Kingdom business at the 2023 Northwest Center Kingdom Business Plan Competition, brings a wealth of passion and innovation to the conversation. Together, they delve into the mission and vision behind Next Steps, exploring its unique approach to education and mentorship. Listeners are treated to an insightful discussion on the intersection of entrepreneurship, education, and social impact, as Alexis shares her energetic perspective on navigating the marketplace with a purpose. Whether you’re interested in the world of nonprofit ventures or simply seeking inspiration from a driven entrepreneur, this episode offers valuable insights and a glimpse into the exciting journey of Next Steps.

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