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Marketing Lessons Learned

2020-02-05T18:18:54-05:00April 24th, 2019|

Many businesses learn their marketing approach through trial and error. While it is true that we can all learn from our mistakes, it’s also pretty cool if we can learn without the mistakes. Of course, you can never fully prevent mistakes, but it is possible to put knowledge on your side and learn from [...]

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May Your BE Experience Be in Full Bloom

2019-04-24T23:46:49-04:00April 24th, 2019|

May Your BE Experience Be in Full Bloom   Do you believe that every believer has discernment? Do you believe that you can discern when seasons are changing? What indicators prove that you are headed to a season of full harvest and bloom? Is it an abundance of profit? Is it [...]

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Please everyone…or please no one

2020-02-05T18:23:06-05:00April 18th, 2019|

As business owners, we tend to live by the motto “the customer is always right.” We bend over backwards for our customers to make sure they have a positive experience so they return and hopefully tell their friends and family. This is a good rule of thumb but are there times where you may [...]

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East to West: Kingdom Business Coffee Chat

2019-04-17T20:56:56-04:00April 17th, 2019|

East to West: Kingdom Business Coffee Chat When did you know that you were called to be an entrepreneur? Did you answer that call immediately? Or are you still searching for your God-given sweet spot where your passion and calling meet your business acumen? “And we know that in all things [...]

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Take a Calculated Risk

2019-04-11T22:54:39-04:00April 10th, 2019|

Take a Calculated Risk What factors determine if the risk is worth taking? How do you calculate your success rate before you take that leap? How do you silence your fears and push yourself to simply take a chance on yourself? Mark Zuckerberg said, "The biggest risk is not taking any [...]

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Listen up!… and improve company performance

2020-02-05T18:26:26-05:00April 5th, 2019|

The strategies that most business implement to grow their business usually involves marketing, creating new products/services, upgrading equipment/software/hardware, creating systems and reaching new markets. But how many times does the strategy involve listening to their stakeholders? Active listening and communicating better with your stakeholders like employees, customers, vendors and the like could be the [...]

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The Bible for Coaches

2019-04-03T07:03:21-04:00April 3rd, 2019|

The Bible for Coaches Do you know who the greatest coach of all time was? He fed 5,000 people with two fish and five loaves and his life story continues to inspire millions across the globe every single day. This coach was Jesus and the Bible holds endless stories about how his [...]

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