Seeking God Above All Else

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By:  Tony Evans - Source:  http://go.tonyevans.org/blog/bid/179328/Tony-Evans-on-Seeking-God-Above-All-Else By:  Tony Evans:  If you have children or grandchildren, I can almost guarantee you’ve heard this question, “How many days ‘til Christmas?” It’s not only on the minds of children; for millions of people, Christmas day is the pinnacle of celebration and gift-giving. It’s a day celebrated worldwide, each [...]

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Mission to the Marketplace – 2012 ICA Conference

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Patrice Tsague and John Abercrombie will present "Mission to the Marketplace" at the 2012 International Coalition of Apostles (ICA) conference November 14 and 15. The gathering is being held in Grapevine, Texas and will include participants from over 30 nations. "Mission to the Marketplace" will provide attendees with a strategy and tools to give the [...]

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God is working in lives of people using Identity and Destiny!

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Just last week, we received a note from someone who had led her church small group through the Identity and Destiny program: Thank you for investing your lives in "Identity and Destiny." I watched people bloom and grow right in front on me as they worked the 7 steps. What a joy to watch the [...]

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