Beat the Odds – Learn how to set New Year’s Resolutions that succeed!

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So this year...rather than setting some broad - pie in the sky - resolution that has little or no chance of succeeding...let us share what we've learned that has helped us succeed in setting attainable goals that really can be achieved. Want 2012 to be better? Want 2012 to be the year you finally reach goals that have been on your list forever? If so, read on and learn the 3 Secrets for Successful Goal Attainment...

A Great Investment Opportunity

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Now through the end of the year we invite you become a charitable investor by supporting our efforts to help people build kingdom businesses through a tax-deductible matching gift. Your end-of-year gift will help us provide scholarships to an aspiring entrepreneur giving them access to our life and business transforming courses. Some of our 2011 accomplishments:

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